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Thinking Like a Lawyer is a Legal Skill, Not a Life Skill – Review of “The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress,” Part 3

Exhibit A: Disconnection

Exhibit A: Disconnection

Today’s post finishes reviewing Professor Larry Krieger’s helpful booklet, “The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress.”  The booklet is available here.

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The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress, Continued: What are the Real Effects of the Grading Curve?

optimism bell curve

We are discussing Larry Krieger’s booklet, “The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress.

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What Students Can Do to Help Themselves; What Professors Can Do to Help Their Students

stress 7

stress 3

stress 8

stress 9

“Stress” = primarily images of white men and women in office settings clutching their brains. Ultimately, the head explodes.

Today I want to spend more time discussing the insights from Prof. Larry Krieger’s booklet, “The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress.”  It is an incredibly helpful resource in the battle to manage and reduce our overall levels of stress—primarily because it offers a different way of thinking about and analyzing the sources of stress in our education and career.  For this reason, I would argue that it is a good resource for law students and practicing lawyers alike.

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Our Mistress, Stress.

stress 2

I am somewhat obsessed with the hidden cultural messages in the results of Google Images searches.  There are any number of wonderful/horrible images associated with the word “stress,” but this has to be the most fantastic by far.  Without bothering to find out why the image was actually there, I speculate: Is the cow stressed because he (no utter) is being required to perform outside of his natural environment?  Or is this a happy heifer who has shed society’s expectations to pursue his dream?  At any rate, it makes me laugh—a proven “stress-buster.”

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