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Intermission: DU Law Preview Program—The Intersection of the Personal and Professional Self

On Monday I had the privilege of being one of the first people to welcome a number (59, to be exact) of our new 1Ls to law school. In the introductory session I shared with them a lot of the ideas I have been working with in this blog. I hope I gave these students a fair shake.

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Animals with Light Sabers


The author of this blog has succumbed to stress this week herself.  Accordingly, in the absence of a new post, I offer something that is likely much more valuable: comic relief.

Spend a few minutes at

But not during class!

What Students Can Do to Help Themselves; What Professors Can Do to Help Their Students

stress 7

stress 3

stress 8

stress 9

“Stress” = primarily images of white men and women in office settings clutching their brains. Ultimately, the head explodes.

Today I want to spend more time discussing the insights from Prof. Larry Krieger’s booklet, “The Hidden Sources of Law School Stress.”  It is an incredibly helpful resource in the battle to manage and reduce our overall levels of stress—primarily because it offers a different way of thinking about and analyzing the sources of stress in our education and career.  For this reason, I would argue that it is a good resource for law students and practicing lawyers alike.

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Balance, Schmalance

donkey's life

My search for inspiring images illustrating the concept of work-life balance finally led me to this wonderful photograph.  This donkey does not have balance.  And it’s really not his fault.  He didn’t load the cart.

By contrast, we load our own cart—don’t we?

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Labor Day Intermission: A Gallery of Horrible Corporate Art

This is a cute baby in a brief case.

This is a cute baby in a briefcase. He looks pretty happy.

I hope all of you are enjoying the long weekend, at some point taking the opportunity to do nothing at all.  As Proust would attest, there are certain truths that only occur to us in moments of repose.

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Community and Movement

Since beginning this project I never cease to be amazed at the breadth and diversity of the movement to humanize legal education and other related movements.  I think many of you would be very interested in “Cutting Edge Law” a blog/on-line magazine with the following mission:

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Law School Musical

The following link was provided to me by a student.  The video falls in the same category as “A Coloring Book for Lawyers,” which I mentioned in my previous post, in that the video presents a satirical and also despondent take on the life of a law student.  Depending on your perspective, it is quite well put together.

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