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Announcing: SucceedLaw!

Very excited to announce my new venture with the wonderful Amy Parekh: SucceedLaw!

We will be providing individualized bar exam tutoring to a small number of law school graduates every bar exam cycle. Our focus is on grads who may have struggled a bit in law school and also on repeat takers, although anyone is welcome to contact us.

I will still be working at DU Law, teaching classes and in DU’s excellent Bar Success Program–the goal here is to make our background and experience available to grads from other law schools and in other jurisdictions.

Check out our website, give us your thoughts, and if you know of anyone who might benefit from our services, please let us know!


Recognition of Amicus Brief

Some more props for out amicus brief in the DOMA case here.

Law Portraits, set up studio in their library  Tanya Washington

Tanya Washington: Professor, Co-Author, and All-Around Awesome Lady.

Same-Sex Marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Rights of Children

Today my DU colleague, Catherine Smith, and I, along with Tanya Washington from the Georgia State University College of Law, filed an amicus brief in United States v. Windsor, better known as the case before the United States Supreme Court challenging the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).  (The brief can be found on SCOTUSblog here:


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Marriage Equality Made Easy

Exercising the freedom to marry!

The doctrinal superstructure of equal protection analysis is somewhat complex.  However, at the end of the day, there is a limited set of fundamental questions the Court may address to determine the outcome in both of the marriage equality cases currently before it:  Hollingsworth v. Perry and Windsor v. United States.
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