Briefly: Props.

I can’t believe I haven’t said this before, but jumping off from my last post, this blog only exists because I attended an LSAC conference where the wonderful Hillary Burgess,, spoke about ASP professionals creating blogs.  As usual, I came to the topic with skepticism, and fortunately was able to open my narrow mind enough to see that such a project might actually help me to better understand and work with my students.  Live and learn.  So props, and thanks.  A good example of why I shouldn’t give my skepticism too much credence.


One response to “Briefly: Props.

  1. I am utterly impressed by the depth, scope, and value of this blog. When I gave my presentation, I never envisioned that an ASP blog could aspire to this level. I look forward to learning from you about how to make my own blogs better.

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