Community and Movement

Since beginning this project I never cease to be amazed at the breadth and diversity of the movement to humanize legal education and other related movements.  I think many of you would be very interested in “Cutting Edge Law” a blog/on-line magazine with the following mission: is a multi-media history of a Movement to transform law told through the stories of the pioneers and leaders of the Movement. The Movement has many expressions and labels: Comprehensive Law. Holistic Law. Problem-Solving Courts. Collaborative Law. Restorative Justice. Therapeutic Jurisprudence. Community Lawyering. Many Faces of Mediation. Humanizing Legal Education. Integrating Law, Politics, and Spirituality. Lawyer-Coach. Contemplative Practices. Integrative Law. It is about a conscious, holistic, humanistic approach to law practice in which we seek to create lives of balance and well-being for ourselves and those who work with us, while also working for the overall good of our clients and society.

Check it out:

(And thanks for the link, Kim!)


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